Albert Park Log Book

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This piece was created for an exhibition marking the turn of the century titled Goodbye Kind World curated by Kevin Murray and held at the RMIT Gallery in Storey Hall, Swanston Street, Melbourne, in 1999.

The Albert Park Log Book contains a record of the twentieth century in the form of collected memorabilia. These accumulated oddities represent things that have happened in the Park and are recessed into the timber to allow the log to close entirely over them. As a book contains a story so does the log contain many stories.

The Log Boxes (also shown below) were created as souvenirs of the Log Book and made fine trinket/jewellery boxes.

The Elm would have been alive in 1958 when Grand Prix races were last held in the park, banned by the then Premier, Henry Bolte. Albert Park has developed in the twentieth Century from a marshy ground used for rubbish tips and a grazing ground for stock including dairy cattle. To become a major recreation area, containing designated spaces for a multitude of sports, differing forms of relaxation and even several different play areas for the young and old.


  • English Elm (Ulmus procera)


60 X 160 X 80cm

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The Albert Park Log Book is a piece that requires a very specific place to sit, as it is extremely heavy.



Log Boxes

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