The House on Phillip Island

The house at Phillip Island Hamish purchased for some design and constructional play as well as a weekend getaway.

The first construction was the shed, built entirely from scrounged and scavenged materials, the design of the shed sprang from the common use of the chicory kiln designs scattered around the island, in Hamish’s opinion all the modern versions lacked the interesting lines of the original kilns. The shed was designed with a view to it being a potential small holiday house design. The staircase to the mezzanine was designed as some early stone castle stairs, with right foot first and left foot to the side and up, this gives a more rapid rise than traditional staircase building.

The wave roof was also his reaction to the way others have designed such roofs, they always miss the undertow that precedes the rush of water in a wave so Hamish was keen to have this along with some clerestory windows tucked under the wave. The triangular windows were the result of seeing the framework in place and they cried out for the shutters that were hinged from above with a toilet pull beside the door to operate them. The structure supporting the roof was constructed from Oregon discarded during the refurbishment of the Melbourne Town Hall Organ, and the beams were jointed over the middle of the living room with wedged scarf joints that were strong and solid.

Structures built

  • Shed
  • House
  • Outdoor oven
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